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Optical Assemblies  

We are your solutions partner when you need optical sub-assemblies for your system-level applications. In combination with our expertise with optical component manufacturing, we have the technology, experience and expertise to design and manufacture your sub-assemblies. IDEX Optical Technologies staff has deep knowledge of optical and mechanical engineering that—when combined with our superior craftsmanship—means you can rely on a precision build resulting in a fast, reliable integration with maximum performance from your system level application. We can save you time, money, and reduce complexity in your system level application to help get you to market faster.

Each optical assembly presents different challenges and requires unique solutions. Our teams are aligned for rapid problem solving, with a history of 50+ years’ experience manufacturing assemblies and cutting-edge optical technology.  From engineers, to machining and assembly technicians, to metrology scientists, we can help optimize the performance of your most complex optical assembly.

By fine tuning optical performance and adjusting specifications, we can provide solutions to achieve your system level objectives and get a more successful outcome. We have specialized processes and equipment for precision machining and optical alignment.

Our state-of-the-art class 1000 cleanrooms, class 100 flow benches, and AMC cleanrooms ensure absolute minimal airborne and molecular contamination. All optical components are manufactured, aligned, tested, and hermetically sealed within our clean rooms. Specification testing is carried out in our metrology labs to confirm the most spectrally complex requirements and meet demanding environmental requirement.

And finally, our teams are passionate perfectionists — we will meet or exceed your expectations.