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About Us - CVI Laser Optics

About Us - CVI Laser Optics

Important Announcement: Starting on December 13, 2023, our standard catalog products will no longer be available for purchase online. However, after December 13th, orders for these products can be placed through our customer service email support team at Please click here to learn more about this change: CVI Catalog Product Information

Welcome to the new home of CVI Laser Optics

Welcome to our new IDEX Optical Technologies website.  Since 1972, CVI Laser Optics has specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance optical components from prototype to volume production. In 2012, CVI Laser Optics was acquired by the IDEX Corporation, bringing together a select group of specialized companies to support all things photonics. In addition to the unique capabilities within our New Mexico facility, we are backed by the expansive expertise and combined capabilities offered by our collective Optical Technologies platform. This platform combines four world class optical manufacturing companies to offer a full spectrum of optical engineering, manufacturing, and assembly expertise. Together we can support our customers with engineering expertise, broad capabilities, and extensive manufacturing resources. 

Who We Are

At CVI Laser Optics, we are your partner in optical design, fabrication, and manufacture. With our 50+ years of dedicated experience in research, development, and manufacturing processes, we partner with our OEM customers to provide critical application solutions. At the core of our business approach is customer obsession: we are passionate about our customers’ needs and enabling our customers’ successes. 

How We Provide Solutions

We provide system-level engineering design and optical expertise to support your critical applications. With over a dozen full-time engineers passionate about design innovation, we’re ready to solve your most complex optical challenges. Our in-house design and development process is what differentiates us: starting from a clear understanding and appreciation for our customers’ end-goals, we use our design expertise to create a system level solution. Our engineers work closely with our component fabrication, coating, optical and optomechanical assembly technical experts to create custom processes to manufacture products that meet demanding performance specifications.

Our state-of-the-art optics shop enables us to manufacture custom, high precision glass and crystal optical components. Starting with precision substrates—which can handle spectrally complex coating depositions—results in optics with high laser damage thresholds and superior surface quality. Our proprietary fabrication and coating capabilities are key to creating complex optics for your high-power laser applications. 

Our extensive system assembly experience and knowledge ensures that even complex assemblies with dozens to hundreds of components are delivered to meet demanding schedule and performance requirements.  We specialize in the designing, developing, building and testing of complex assemblies for industrial OEM applications such as additive manufacturing, semiconductor, and other industrial tools. These systems include not only optical components, but unique parts custom manufactured in our fully equipped machine shop.

Another of CVI Laser Optics’ core capabilities is infrared detector and camera shutter manufacturing.  Our high-performance shutters are custom designed for integration in night vision thermography cameras, IR imaging devices, and portable handheld thermal units for military and surveillance applications. When mission critical operations depend on  precise information fast, our shutters provide the solution.

Before delivery, all components and assemblies are tested and measured by our extensive metrology department to provide proven results. If we don't have an existing in-house solution to meet a test requirement, we have the expertise and capability to design and create a unique metrology system to guarantee or insure performance.

We are passionate about working with our customers to create amazing innovations. Start a conversation today.

Fast Facts

Specializing in:

  • Engineering design for optical sub-assembly
  • Custom AR coating capabilities

Industry leaders in:

  • Waveplate manufacturing: we are one of a few businesses in the world that has the expertise to design custom high-performance, high damage threshold quartz retarders that include zero-order, multiple-order, and dual-wavelength waveplates, as well as 90° polarization rotators
  • Optomechanical systems assembly
  • Custom optical components for our core markets

Markets we focus on:

  • Semiconductor Inspection & Metrology
  • Directed Energy, Aerospace, and Remote Sensing

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