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About Us - Advanced Thin Films

About Us - Advanced Thin Films

Welcome to the new home of Advanced Thin Films

Welcome to our new IDEX Optical Technologies website. Advanced Thin Films has a pedigree of nearly 20 years’ experience manufacturing advanced laser optics. AT Films and Precision Photonics—optics manufacturing companies formed in Boulder, Colorado around the turn of the 21st century—had both earned an industry-leading reputation for the fabrication and coating of premium laser optics when they were acquired by the IDEX Corporation in 2011 and 2012, respectively. In 2013, the two companies were merged into Advanced Thin Films. Besides our unique capabilities within our Colorado facility in custom optical design and manufacturing, we are backed by the expertise and vast combined capabilities of our platform. We are not one, but four companies combined to offer a full spectrum of optical engineering, manufacturing, and assembly expertise. Together we can support all our customers with more engineering expertise, broader capabilities, and extensive manufacturing resources.

Who We Are

At Advanced Thin Films, we are the recognized leader in providing spectrally complex optical components for high power laser systems. With our advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we create high-performance custom optics that will optimize your system to the maximum performance possible. We use our advanced knowledge in fabrication, coating, bonding, and metrology to enable the best-in-class performance of your cutting-edge systems.

How We Provide Solutions

We know your goal is to be the best in your industry and the first-to-market, so your optical components need to be rapidly delivered and of superior quality. Our process always starts with a conversation between your engineers and ours to understand your most complex optical assembly requirements and specifications. Allow us to be your partner, from initial design to final delivery.

Our biggest priority is meeting and exceeding your expectations. Spectrally complex optics start with our precision fabricated substrates combined with proprietary in-situ process controls for IBS coatings. This results in optics with industry leading LDT performance that operate under a variety of laser fluence circumstances. Whether it’s ultra-high reflectivity mirrors, low-loss AR coatings, or precision bandpass filters that can also handle high power laser fluence, our coatings define state-of-the-art in terms of capability and reliability.

We back up our data with world-class metrology capabilities to ensure that we can completely measure the performance of our optics. At Advanced Thin Films, we believe that if we can’t measure it, then we can’t make it. We maintain a comprehensive suite of world-class metrology capabilities including microscopy, spectral metrology, surface interferometry, absorption to the ppm level, laser damage, and cavity ringdown measurement.

Fast Facts

Specializing in:

  • Optical Sub-Assembly Engineering Design
  • Super-Polishing Fabrication
  • IBS Coating
  • Metrology

Industry leaders in:

  • Custom Spectrally Complex Optical Components

Markets we focus on: 

  • Laser Communications
  • Directed Energy, Aerospace, and Remote Sensing

Located in Boulder, Colorado