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About Us - Infrared Optics

About Us - Infrared Optics

Welcome to the new home of CVI Infrared Optics

Welcome to our new IDEX Optical Technologies website. CVI Infrared Optics is a part of the IDEX Optical Technologies platform. Besides our unique capabilities in manufacturing large optics from visible to longwave IR, we are backed by the combined capabilities of our platform. We are not one, but four companies combined to offer a full spectrum of optical engineering, manufacturing, and assembly expertise. Together we can support all our customers with more engineering expertise, broader capabilities, and extensive manufacturing resources. Learn more. 

Who We Are

Since 1982, CVI Infrared Optics has been manufacturing advanced optical components for high performance optronics systems. We have become the leading experts in manufacturing and integration of large optics from visible, and near IR, to longwave IR, that can continuously perform in extreme weather climates and harsh conditions. We specialize in serving the surveillance & directed energy market, and support the semiconductor, and commercial markets. We have excellent customer service and dedicated engineering teams to collaborate and optimize your system for critical operations.

When you need robust optical components and assembly expertise for your mission critical application, we can provide world-class solutions. 

How We Provide Solutions

We specialize in the fabrication, coating, and assembly of large windows, domes, spherical / aspherical / diffractive lenses, filters, and beam splitters. Our proprietary fabrication and coating processes are specially designed for large optical components manufacturing.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can coat from visible to longwave IR and also specialize in optically compliant electrically conductive coatings for use in blocking unwanted frequencies.

Our windows operate with visible, near IR, and longwave IR—a critical solution for tanks that require a single window to reduce weak points and minimize risk while still proving superior image quality.

We know that surveillance cameras need a robust IR lens that provides high image quality, durability, and versatility for different tactical applications and environmental conditions.

Our coatings are robust and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. We have an extensive metrology department for measuring spectrally complex optics, full surface interferometry and environmental testing for humidity, salt spray, temperature, and windscreen wiper testing.

Whether you need optical prototypes, volume production, or optical assembly services, we are your solutions partner for large optical capabilities.

Fast Facts

Capabilities include fabrication, coating, metrology, and optical assembly

Markets we focus on:

  • Semiconductor Inspection & Metrology
  • Directed Energy, Aerospace, and Remote Sensing

Specializes in large optical windows, domes, spherical / aspherical /diffractive lenses, IR filters, and beam splitters

Industry leader in ultra-durable optics for extreme environmental conditions and temperature fluctuations

Industry leader in windows and assemblies for periscope applications

Coating Capabilities include: 

  • Antireflection coatings: high durability and high efficiency
  • Multiband antireflective coatings covering the visible, near IR and IR regions
  • Hard-carbon protective antireflection coatings
  • Conductive coating
  • Infrared long- and shortwave pass and bandpass filters