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Eight reasons why you should choose CVI Laser Optics for your next custom project...

1. Prototype to Volume Manufacturing : From small custom batches to cost efficient production volumes, we are with you from start to finish!

2. Polarization Control Optics : With our high-volume production equipment, we can manufacture superior polarization control optics to precision specifications with attractive pricing.

3. High LDT Coatings : CVI has been producing high laser damage threshold coatings for 45 years and we continue to innovate. Our current designs include abrasion, and ablation resistant, cleanable coatings from deep UV to near IR for long-life and superior performance.

4. UV and DUV Coatings : Through meticulous airborne and surface contaminant control and unique thin film designs, we lead the industry in UV and DUV optical coatings. We supply some of the world’s most demanding UV applications.

5. Customer Service : A partnership, not a transaction; our service is dedicated, accessible, and consistent every time!

6. Premium Products : Forty-five years of experience combined with a talented workforce and disciplined, repeatable processes results in exceptional products.

7. Innovation : Meeting the technical needs of our OEM customers pushes us to innovate to do the improbable!

8. Proven Performance : Plan...Measure...Sustain. With >95% on-time delivery and class-leading quality metrics, we deliver your critical components and assemblies on-time and in spec.

Complex EO Assemblies | Premium Components | High LDT Coatings | UV Optics

Choose CVI for your next complex assembly project and we will take it to the next level. Contact a custom product specialist: