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PulseLine™ Ultrafast Components

The PulseLine™ family of components are used in ultrashort pulse laser applications, and can be found in pump lasers, Ti:sapphire oscillators, amplifiers, and associated experiments. They include laser line mirrors, broadband dielectric and metallic mirrors, plate polarizers, plate and cube beamsplitters, dispersion-compensating prisms, and antireflection coated windows. PulseLine™ products represent the best optics for ultrafast laser use from each of our product families, augmented by ultralow dispersion optics that have been designed specifically for pulse lengths ranging from 10 to 130 fs. All are available directly from the PulseLine™ portion of our catalog for rapid integration into your system.

In addition to off-the-shelf catalog optics, we also offer semi-custom options for our very popular dielectric laser line and Ti:sapphire mirrors. This allows you to select the specific combination of angle of incidence and size needed for your application, as well as wavelength and radius of curvature for the laser line mirrors. Semi-custom PulseLine™ mirrors are available with quick delivery from our catalog website.

As one of the hottest optical techniques of this century, the needs of ultrafast laser research are constantly evolving. That is why we offer custom design services for all of our PulseLine™ components, drawing on proprietary techniques to achieve low and/or well-characterized group delay dispersion, as well as low third order dispersion. At CVI Laser Optics, we understand the delicate balance that must be maintained between beam manipulation and pulse length. We will work with you to create custom optics that minimize temporal and spatial distortion of your beam, while maintaining high efficiency and withstanding high peak power.


Standard Custom Options
Types Laser line mirrors, broadband mirrors, polarizers, beamsplitters, isosceles Brewster prisms, windows
Materials N-BK7, UV-grade fused silica, Suprasil 1, N-SF10 2, CaF2, crystal quartz, Infrasil 301
Dimensions 12.7 to 101.6 mm Up to 0.5 m
Radius of curvature Concave mirrors: 0.075 to 5.00 m Convex mirrors: 0.30 to 1.00 m Other radii
  • e-beam dielectric
  • Ion beam sputtered
  • Protected metal (gold, silver)
  • Antireflection
  • Ultralow dispersion
  • Controlled, repeatable GDD
  • Other wavelengths (193-2100nm)
  • Triple-V AR coating
  • Ultra-low reflectivity
  • Mirror coating
Wavelengths Laser line mirrors: 266, 400, 532, 780, 800, 1064 nm
Broadband mirrors: 780, 800 nm
Harmonic separators/ LWP beamsplitters: 266 – 1550 nm
Silver mirrors: 400 nm – 20 μm
Gold mirrors: 650 – 20 μm
Polarizers: 780, 800 nm
Beamsplitters: 266, 355, 532, 800, 1064 nm
Isosceles prisms: 488, 800 nm
AR coated windows: 800 nm
  • Other wavelengths (200 – 2100 nm)
  • Other Ti:sapphire wavelengths
Intended pulse length > 10 fs to > 130 fs
Quality Laser quality See manufacturing tolerance tables for each product type