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Optical Windows

Windows are simple yet high-performance substrates with parallel or slightly wedged surfaces. They separate one optical environment from another, and can be used to sample or steer a beam. CVI Laser Optics’ line of catalog and semi-custom windows includes a wide selection of shapes, wedge options, and antireflection coatings. All are manufactured to the same exacting standards for low wavefront distortion, low scatter, and high laser damage threshold to satisfy even the most demanding laser applications.
  • Fused Silica AR Coated Optical Windows

    High surface quality, low scatter windows with one or two antireflection coatings for high power use and maximum beam control. Ideal for output coupling and sample or vacuum chamber windows. • Wedge options: < 10 arc sec or 30 ± 5 arc min • Diameters from 12.7-101.6 mm standard, others custom • Thicknesses from 1.0-12.7 mm standard, others custom

  • Uncoated Window Substrates

    Controlled wedge or ultra-low wedge options to minimize angular deviation of the transmitted beam and reduce alignment errors. High surface quality and low wavefront distortion; suitable for achromatic beam sampling and sample or vacuum chamber windows. •Wedge <  10 arc sec for circular substrates • Wedge <  5 arc min for square or rectangular substrates •Low wedge option: 30 • 5 arc min •Large wedge options: 1° or 3°