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Spherical Lenses

Spherical lenses are used to focus, form images, and to collimate or expand light. Our vast selection of lens shapes, materials and lens quality options will allow you to find the right balance between performance and cost for even the most demanding application. Generally, our spherical lens catalog is motivated by laser applications, with a strong focus on high quality and high damage threshold materials. All are available with user-specified high durability, low loss AR coatings. Whatever your application may be, we can assist you with ray-tracing analysis of simple catalog-component systems, and we can guide you to the right catalog or custom lens or lenses for your needs.
  • Plano Convex Spherical Lenses

    Used for converging or focusing of light, as well as for collimating point sources. Cost-effective alternative to a positive best-form lens when used at infinite conjugate ratio, with collimated light incident upon the convex side. Reduced spherical aberration and near-zero coma when used off-axis.

  • Biconvex Spherical Lenses

    Used for 1:1 imaging, beam expanders, and beam relay applications. Good positive lens for virtual imaging of real objects and for positive conjugate image ratios from approximately 0.2 to 5 (depending on wavelength). Can also be used for focusing applications at lower f-number. It performs like a bestform singlet lens when used at unit conjugate ratio.

  • Plano-Concave Spherical Lenses

    Used to expand light or to increase focal lengths in optical systems, or to balance aberrations from other lenses within a system. Negative focal length diverges collimated incident light. Spherical aberration, and coma are reduced when used at infinite conjugate ratio with collimated light incident upon the concave side.

  • Biconcave Spherical Lenses

    Used to diverge or expand light in laser beam expanders, optical character readers, viewers, and projection systems. Negative focal length; forms a virtual image which can be seen through a lens.

  • Aspheric Glass Condenser Lenses

    Used for light collection applications requiring a low cost, positive lens. Reduced aberrations for low f-number, high-throughput use. Not recommended for imaging, precise focusing, or high power applications.