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Multielement Lenses

Multielement lenses are an ideal solution for applications requiring specialized performance and/or a high degree of aberration correction. For instance, when correction over larger apertures, several wavelengths, or a wider field of view is needed, it may be necessary to use a multielement lens as singlet lenses are limited in the amount of aberration correction that they can provide. Our achromats and aplanats are designed to minimize all sources of wavefront distortion for superior beam quality and minimum focal spot sizes, resulting in near diffraction-limited performance at a designed wavelength. Though our multielement lens product line includes a wide range of products and performance off the shelf, it by no means defines our limits. Please contact our technical staff to discuss your application and create a solution perfectly matched to your needs.
  • Achromats

    Used to focus two or more wavelengths at the same point in the image plane. Reduced spherical aberration and coma. Well-suited to broadband applications like astronomical telescopes, plasma spectroscopy, biomedical instrumentation, and laser beam steering. Also ideal for use at single wavelengths, as performance is far superior to simple singlet lenses.

  • Aplanats

    Used with monochromatic light to generate the minimum focal spot size by eliminating coma and spherical aberrations. Diffraction-limited performance. Ideal for nonlinear optics, laser beam expansion and collimation, interferometers, materials processing, and fiber optic coupling.