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Optical Mirrors

We carry a comprehensive line of durable, high efficiency optical mirrors for beam steering, sampling, and laser cavity or alignment applications at high laser power. Partial and high reflectivity optical mirrors are available directly from stock in narrowband, dual-band, and broadband spectral profiles on flat, wedged, or curved substrates using a variety of robust dielectric and metal coatings, designed for 0° or 45° angle of incidence at wavelengths from 190 nm to 2000nm. Our incredible range of catalog, semi-custom, and fully customized mirrors put the specifications in your hands, allowing you to choose the exact size, substrate curvature, coating type, and reflectivity you need.
  • Femtosecond Mirrors

    Broadband, high reflectivity, high laser damage threshold mirrors designed with low and controlled group delay dispersion characteristics specifically for ultrashort laser applications.

  • Narrowband Laser Mirrors

    High reflectivity, high laser damage threshold mirrors available for all major laser wavelengths at UV through near-infrared wavelengths.

  • Broadband Dielectric Mirrors

    Broadband, highly reflective dielectric mirrors for low through high power use and fixed or variable AOI.

  • Metal Coated Mirrors

    Broadband metal coated mirrors for low power vacuum UV through mid-infrared use with a variety of protective and performance-enhancing coatings.

  • Uncoated Mirror Substrates

    Uncoated substrates in N-BK7, UV-grade fused silica, and Zerodur with flat, convex, and concave profiles.