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Our suite of optical filters includes everything you need to control the wavelength or intensity of light in your system. Drawing on a combination of color glass, metallic films, and dielectric coatings, we offer filters that allow you to balance price and performance within your application for a perfect fit. Bandpass filters can be used to precisely select specific wavelengths from a broadband source. Neutral density filters can attenuate a single laser wavelength, or a broad range of wavelengths, uniformly. We offer multiple filter technologies for many other filter types, ranging from basic performance to premium filters with superior optical performance and durability. Many more can be provided on a quick-turn, semi-custom basis. Custom options are available for center or edge wavelength, shortpass, longpass, or bandpass, and optical blocking.
  • Neutral Density Filters

    Used to attenuate, split, or combine beams in a wide range of irradiance ratios, with no significant dependence on wavelength. • Absorptive: Broadband use, attenuation varies with wavelength; low power • Metallic: Broadband use, uniform attenuation with wavelength; low power • Dielectric: Narrowband use, precise attenuation; high laser damage threshold