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Beamsplitters divide a beam of light by wavelength, power, or polarization, reflecting a portion near 90° and transmitting the rest. The key to selecting a beamsplitter is finding the right combination of power handling, polarization control, and/and beam displacement allowed for the application at hand. Our plate and cube beamsplitters are offered with a wide variety of coating options to help you find the ideal fit. Coating options include polarizing, laser line non-polarizing, ion beam sputtered, broadband dielectric, and broadband hybrid coatings to provide breadth and depth in selection. Assembly methods for cube beamsplitters include index matching optical adhesives or optical contacting, thus allowing for higher energy throughput and/or durability. We understand that every application is unique, which is why we can provide many of our beamsplitters on a semi-custom basis in the precise size, shape, wavelength or split ratio you need. Contact us today to find the catalog, semi-custom or custom solution you need.
  • Plate Beamsplitters

    Best for high energy applications, provided that beam displacement, "ghost" beams, and polarization sensitivity can be tolerated. • High laser damage threshold • Beam offset is ~0.3x thickness of the substrate • AR-coated back surface to minimize ghost reflections • Available for power or wavelength separation

  • Cube Beamsplitters

    Bonded interface avoids beam displacement, but interface can limit power handling (if epoxy is used for bonding). Ghost reflections are reduced, but still present. • No beam displacement • Easy to mount, mechanically durable • High laser damage threshold options • Available for power or polarization separation