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Prisms are used to steer light: routing it to a new location, dispersing its wavelengths, or altering its image. At CVI Laser Optics, we have a wide variety of prisms that have been carefully designed and manufactured for use in the most demanding laser applications. Our catalog includes right angle and Porro prisms for retroreflection, and wedge prisms for beam deviation. We also have Pellin Broca, equilateral, and isosceles Brewster prisms for dispersing light, and mounted anamorphic prisms for beam shaping. These prisms are available in a variety of materials to facilitate use at wavelengths from the UV to NIR, even at high power. Optional AR coatings on the entrance and exit faces of many prisms increase overall transmission, while high surface quality reduces scatter.

If you are unable to find a match in our catalog right angle prisms, we offer quick delivery on semi-custom 90° and 180° bending and folding prisms with your choice of size, material, and antireflection coatings from UV to NIR. This process can be taken one step further by requesting a quote for a custom prism, which opens up the options considerably. In addition to the prisms already mentioned, we can manufacture several other types, all with customized dimensions, wavelength, and material. Dielectric or metal coatings can be applied to prism faces, such as on the hypotenuse of a right angle prism to enable use as an internal or external mirror. Our high precision angular tolerance and exceptional manufacturing quality ensure that you will get the performance you need for your system.


Standard Custom Options
Types Porro, Pellin Broca, isosceles, equilateral, wedge, mounted anamorphic, right angle 90° & 180° Dove right angle, penta, roof, custom light pipes, anamorphic
Materials N-BK7, UV-grade fused silica, Suprasil 1, crystal quartz, N-F2, N-SF10    MgF2, CaF2, optical crown glass, Infrasil 301, N-BAK1, N-LaK21, N-SF2, N-SF11
Dimensions 5.0 to 50.8 mm 3 to 300 mm
  • Narrowband V-coat AR
  • Broadband Multilayer AR
  • All low-loss, high energy AR and BBAR
  • Dielectric or metal coatings
  • Black overcoat on hypotenuse
  • Other wavelength AR (193 - 2100 nm)
Quality Precision and laser quality See manufacturing tolerances below

Prism Manufacturing Capabilities**

Surface Tolerances Precision Laser Quality High Precision
Surface quality (scratch - dig) 20 - 10 10 - 5 5 - 2
Surface roughness (Å, RMS) 20 5 2.5
Flat Irregularity,
(P-V @ 633 nm before coating)
λ/4 λ/10 λ/20
Dimensional Tolerances Standard Precision High Precision
Length & Width (mm) ± 0.150 +0.000 / -0.250 +0.000 / -0.010
Thickness (mm) ± 0.150 +0.000 / -0.250 ± 0.005
Angular deviation
< 3 arc min ≤ 10 arc sec ≤ 0.5 arc sec
Clear aperture (%) ≥ 85% ≥ 90% ≥ 95%