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Space Qualified Optics

We understand the unique challenges space applications require and can design, manufacture, and integrate space qualified optics into complex systems that can meet and exceed these unique challenges. Our high-performance optics withstand vibration and shock from initial launch through temperature cycling, high background radiation, and zero gravity environments while orbiting in space for a decade or more.

Temperature cycling in orbit is always a challenge when designing a satellite system. That is why we design optics to perform under extreme temperature fluctuation (-50c to 150c) without loss of performance to optimize system level results.

Manufacturing optics that will operate in a vacuum starts with the removal of subsurface substrate imperfections to prevent chip outs and material ejections. When high background radiation is a factor in a space application, we use radiation hardened glasses, which provides better performance and reliability over an extended period.  Our coatings are designed to stand up to the same difficult environmental conditions; we ensure that coating durability is a top design priority when designing for space applications.

Our customers rely on us for designing custom optical filters, waveplates, turn mirrors, dichroic beamsplitters, polarizers, multiplexers, and the engineering support for integration into their space applications.

Distinguishing aspects:

  • When your application demands a high extinction ratio, our polarizers and multiplexers are the solution you are looking for.
  • We use turnkey filter design technology to produce high performance optical filters that are best in class for signal isolation and performance.
  • Our turn mirrors and dichroic beamsplitters deliver precise and accurate beam steering performance in critical applications.

We can also help reduce complexity by designing a custom bonded optical component that will be lighter, smaller, and outperform a complex design. Incorporating 5 or 6 individual optics, our superior chemically activated direct bonding (CADB®) process eliminates residue in the bonding interface, preventing outgassing while creating a stronger, cleaner bond.