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Optics for High Energy Lasers

Here at IDEX Optical Technologies, we are best in class for designing and manufacturing optics for high energy lasers. Our optics deliver exceptional spectral performance while withstanding high energy density without damage or excessive heat. For example, at 1064 nm, our pulsed coating LDT performance has been measured at >100 J/cm^2 for both AR’s and HR’s.

Our world class process starts with substrates that are super-polished to create a defect free surface for coating deposition and protect our optics from contamination. This super-polishing process is done on many substrates, including glass and crystals such as YAG.  When combined with our proprietary processes for depositing ultra-high performance coatings, the resulting optics offer superb laser damage threshold and low absorption.

We are proud of the solutions we have developed for challenging high-power laser applications including fiber endcaps, fast-steering mirrors, small-beam high-energy optics, deformable mirrors, beam expanders, large optics, and solid-state assemblies.

Our differentiating technologies include:

  • We can manufacture large optics up to 14 inches with an aspect ratio of 400 to 1, while maintaining flatness of L/10 or better, spectral control over the full diameter, absorption of <1 part per million, and industry leading laser damage threshold values.
  • For fiber endcaps, we have developed unique, repeatable manufacturing processes for minimizing or eliminating overspray while maintaining spectral performance that is unmatched by any of our competitors.
  • Using our Chemically Activated Direct Bonding™ (CADB®) technology, we can integrate our high-performance coatings and substrates into optical assemblies made from glass, crystal, or even dissimilar materials.

All of these capabilities are backed up by proven test results using our state-of-the-art metrology technology, including an in-house PCI measurement system for quickly characterizing absorption of our coatings.

Our engineers will collaborate with your team to understand your system level objectives and customize our manufacturing process to produce best in class high performance optical components for your application.