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Large Optical Components

IDEX Optical Technologies specializes in manufacturing large optics up to 400 mm diameter and up to 500 mm tall. We control coating uniformity over extremely large clear apertures to ensure you get the performance you need over the entire surface. Our customers depend on our large optical components with robust, durable coatings that can withstand extreme environments conditions from humidity, salt spray, to temperature extremes / fluctuations.

Large optical component specialties and the solutions they provide:

  • Windows: An excellent solution for armored vehicles is our large, custom-shaped, durable windows that operate with visible, near IR, and longwave IR which reduces weak points and minimizes risk while still proving superior image quality.
  • Domes: - IR sapphire domes with an electromagnetic conductive coating for blocking unwanted frequencies while maintaining optical compliance is an excellent solution for countermeasure systems and IR seekers.
  • Lenses: Our IR Lenses for surveillance cameras are extremely versatile providing high image quality and durability for a wide range of tactical applications.
  • Mirrors: High performance large mirrors are critical for precision beam steering in large optical systems with high energy lasers.