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Multi-Element Lenses

Multi-element lenses are used when a singlet lens cannot fulfill the needed optical function due to aberration or wavefront distortion, or when more complex optical transformation is required, like beam resizing. CVI Laser Optics’ line of catalog multi-element lenses offer optimized beam quality and tight focal spots, often with near diffraction limited performance. We carry a broad selection of focal lengths and aperture diameters, with various design wavelengths and corrections, as well as high energy options, serving a wide range of collimating, focusing, and imaging applications in the UV to NIR range.

Our aplanats and achromats are available in both cemented and air-spaced designs in standard and laser grades. This allows you to find the right solution, depending on your surface quality, wavefront, power handling and cost requirements. All have been corrected for spherical aberration and coma to deliver the best performance possible. We also offer a range of standard microscope objectives useful for visible low power laser beam manipulation, as well as objectives optimized for focusing or collimating diode laser beams.

Our F-theta lenses for 1064 nm deliver high scan linearity and high power handling, generating a small and uniform spot throughout a flat image plane. We also have a selection of Galilean laser beam expanders, with up to 20x expansion ratio and low wavefront distortion, for use at wavelengths from the UV to NIR in low and high energy applications. Shear-plate collimation testers round out the product family, and allow precise collimation adjustment together with rapid visual assessment of wavefront quality.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your OEM product development, or simply require specialized optics for a demanding experiment, we can work with you to create a custom multielement lens assembly or system. Many of our catalog products can be produced with special coatings and manufacturing tolerances. We offer custom sizes for our cemented achromatic and aplanatic doublets, and special correction for our catalog GLC objectives for use with diodes having windows. In fact, our vast selection already includes many non-standard diameters and focal lengths for our multielement lens products. Please contact us to determine if we have a lens designed to meet your needs. In addition, our engineering team is available to assist with Zemax optical modeling to predict the performance of optical systems during the lens selection process.

Our experience in manufacturing multielement lens assemblies includes lens fabrication and coating, metal work, assembly and testing. By drawing on our full line of spherical singlets and doublets, plano and cylindrical optics, we can build-to-print your custom lens system.


Standard Custom Options
Types Cemented achromatic doublets, air-spaced achromatic triplets, air-spaced doublet and triplet aplanats, cemented aplanatic doublets, microscope objectives, diode laser objectives, F-Theta lenses, beam expanders, shear plate collimation testers Build to print doublets, triplets and multielement lens assemblies

N-BK7, N-SF2, N-SF5, N-SF8, N-SF10, N-SF11, N-BAK1, N-BAK4, N-SK11, UV-grade fused silica

Other optical glasses, fused quartz, MgF2, CaF2, sapphire
Diameter 6.0 to 101.6 mm Custom sizes
  • Narrowband V-coat AR
  • Dual wavelength AR (1064/532)
  • Broadband multilayer AR
  • Single layer MgF2 AR
  • Other wavelengths (193 - 2100 nm)
  • Triple-V AR coating
  • Ultra-low reflectivity
  • Mirror coating
Quality Precision and laser quality Tighter tolerances available
  • Optical adhesive contacting
  • Air-spaced