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Meet Our Teams/Departments

Machine Shop Department, CVI Laser Optics, Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Our cutting-edge machine shop located in Albuquerque, New Mexico plays a vital role in producing custom optical components while also supporting our global clientele with optical assemblies. Our team specializes in crafting custom optical mounts and assemblies that cater to the system-level requirements of our customers. Additionally, our experts create specialized optical carriers and fixtures that are used in various manufacturing processes like polishing, grinding, and coating. These fixtures ensure that the optics are safely held to prevent damage and contamination while maximizing production efficiency.

The benefits of choosing our services are numerous: 

  • Custom Optical Assemblies: Our machine shop works closely with our engineering team, enabling us to create prototypes, modify, and repair sub-assemblies and tooling integrated into critical applications for our customers. 
  • Rapid Response Time: We provide a quick turnaround time due to our in-house tooling facility, eliminating the need for external vendors and allowing us to prioritize internal tasks efficiently.
  • Consistent Quality and Repeatability: We follow copy-exact protocols and document-controlled processes, ensuring consistent quality and repeatable high-performance products that our customers can rely on year after year.
  • Volume Production: Our team creates custom tooling and invests in the latest equipment to cater to our customers' demand for high-volume repeat business.
    Experience and Technology: Our machinists have extensive experience with different materials and technologies, which helps to maximize our optical production yields and avoid contamination.

Quality Control Department, IDEX Optical Technologies

At our facilities, we have dedicated Quality Control Teams who inspect each optic produced to ensure the highest quality for our customers. In addition to our visual inspections, our state-of-the-art Metrology Labs rigorously test each optic to guarantee it meets our highest standards for performance and design. We guarantee that every optic integrated into a customer's application is thoroughly inspected by a skilled quality technician in a class 100 cleanroom booth with 40W or 100W lights, according to scratch/dig specifications. We also provide custom inspections, packaging, and markings to meet specific client requirements. Our inspections involve comparing optics to customers' drawings and internal engineering documents. Our cleaning, inspection, and packaging processes are carefully controlled and documented to ensure consistent quality levels and eliminate contamination. Our dedication to quality control speaks to our commitment to delivering the highest quality optics that meet or exceed our customers' expectations