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Semiconductor Inspection & Metrology

Providing You with Exceptional Optical Solutions to Help Bring You to Market Faster and Generate Return on Your Investment Sooner

IDEX Optical Technologies is your front-end partner when it comes to manufacturing semiconductor wafer inspection and precision metrology equipment. We understand the design sophistication demanded by these tools. With our custom optical components, we can help you reduce complexity while enabling more precise beam control, meticulous accuracy, reduced costs, and ultimately faster return on your investment.  

When partnered with you to understand your complete optical path, we can meet your precise custom specifications, tight tolerances, and provide engineering support to assure your inspection and metrology equipment is optimized for precision data input and return. There are many vendors that can supply optical components, but we are the industry-leader in fabrication, coating, and assembly capabilities. We have world-class processes for depositing superior deep UV coatings, a critical aspect in the optical performance for inspection units.

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We are experts in optical component design and manufacturing, as well as the design and manufacturing of complex optical sub-assemblies. With our knowledge of optical and mechanical engineering, combined with superior craftsmanship, you can rely on a precision build resulting in a fast, reliable integration with maximum performance. 

We specialize in custom waveplates, polarizers, beam splitters, mirrors, and microscope objectives that are critical for semiconductor spectroscopy and ellipsometry. Our fabrication and coating control processes result in high quality and repeatable results every time. Following the most stringent cleanroom protocols ensures absolute minimal contamination from airborne and molecular contaminants. We are equipped with class 1000 cleanrooms and class 100 flow benches, as well as an AMC cleanroom.  

With over 50 years’ experience in all aspects of engineering and manufacturing optical components and assemblies, we know how to help you solve your greatest challenges and bring your application to market faster. 

Focused on the Future

This market is demanding and evolving quickly, here at IDEX Optical Technologies we are continuously improving our capabilities and investing back into our company to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We are backed by IDEX Corporation’s 50 plus years of optical experience and expertise.  We believe in reinvesting in our people and our capabilities for our continued growth to solve the most challenging problems faster for our customers.

Your company will benefit from our cost-effective manufacturing process, best-in-class performance, and dedication to getting your application to market faster.