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Laser Communications

We partner with you to engineer your most complex optical assemblies for maximum performance and manufacturability, enabling you to go to market faster

Whether you are working with intra-satellite links, ground-to-space transmissions, or using satellites for environmental sensing, we understand the challenges these systems present.

We collaborate with you through design, development, and volume manufacturing of demanding, spectrally complex optical components and assemblies that will meet your system’s critical performance requirements. 

Our fabrication, coating, and bonding capabilities are spaceflight qualified for durability and performance through your operational life cycle. We help you meet all key on-orbit performance specifications, such as low outgassing, radiation hardness, and reliable operation for 10 years or more. 

Our specialized capability starts with our precision fabrication technologies, including super-polishing processes to create ultra-smooth surfaces with no defects, and minimized wavefront distortions that enable excellent beam quality. These substrates have the optimal surface quality for applying Ion-Beam Sputtering (IBS) coatings. Our propriety coating process controls deliver finished products with superior spectral performance, such as polarizers with increased fidelity, mirrors with 99.999% reflectivity, and optics with high Laser Damage Thresholds (LDT). 

We back up our high-performance optics with proven results. We invest in advanced metrology capabilities, including microscopy, spectral metrology, surface interferometry, absorption, laser damage, and cavity ringdown measurements. Before your optics are integrated, we test to ensure they meet or exceed designed specifications. Learn more about our space qualified optics.

Focused on the Future

We can support your company’s growth, project expansions, and application design modifications to meet the everchanging needs of this industry. We are backed by IDEX Corporation’s 50 plus years of optical experience and expertise.  We believe in reinvesting in our people and our capabilities for our continued growth to solve the most challenging problems faster for our customers.