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Directed Energy, Aerospace, and Remote Sensing

We Engineer Reliable, High Performance, and Environmentally Robust Optical Components to Secure the Success of Your Mission Critical Application

IDEX Optical Technologies has specialized engineering teams in the United States and Europe serving the unique needs of the directed energy industry that demands superior optical engineering design, manufacturing, and assembly integration for applications in space, land, air, or sea.    

We provide solution-based optical expertise for many demanding applications including: high-energy laser systems, gimbal systems, submarine periscopes, aperture sharing units, remote sensing systems, multi-spectral targeting systems, infrared surveillance cameras, and infrared countermeasures. 

With over 50 years of technical experience and expertise in fabrication, coating, metrology, and assembly using spectrally complex optics from UV to longwave IR, we can collaborate with your engineering teams to ensure you receive the high-performance outcome needed for your application. 

In any directed energy application, accurate and fast information is the key to a successful mission. 

Key areas where IDEX Optical Technologies has exceptional expertise: 

Optics for High Power Lasers: One of the key aspects of manufacturing custom optics for high power lasers is substrate fabrication and coating. Our proprietary fabrication and coating methods create optical components with excellent laser damage thresholds enabling maximum system-level performance at any output level. 

Large Optical Components: We specialize in designing and manufacturing large custom-shaped optics that operate with visible, near IR, and longwave IR wavelengths where reliability and long-life in extreme environmental conditions are needed. 

Shutters: Our high-performance shutters are custom designed for integration in night vision thermography cameras, IR imaging devices, and portable handheld thermal units for critical applications. We specialize in rotary drive shutters, stepper shutters, or solenoid shutters to meet your application requirements. 

No other supplier can match our expertise in custom optical components and integration. When your project moves from prototype to volume production, we are ready and prepared to scale with your production needs. We have a team of experts in supply chain management to ensure on-time delivery, competitive price, and shorter lead times. 

Optics for High Power Lasers

We manufacture and assemble a multitude of spectrally complex optics such as: fiber endcaps, fast-steering mirrors, small-beam high-energy optics, deformable mirrors, beam expanders, large optics, and solid-state assemblies.

Our optics start with precision substrate fabrication methods that create a nearly defect-free surface finish -- anything less could cause serious repercussions when used with high power lasers. Combined with our proprietary coating capabilities, our optical products provide industry leading quality.

Whether you need a single-surface steering mirror with extreme flatness, or a multi-surface bonded optic, we can support your critical mission. We also provide optical modeling and assembly expertise to optimize wavefront control and beam steering that will maximize power while eliminating laser instability and damage.

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Visible to Longwave Infrared Large Optics

Our expert coating technologies team has developed optics to withstand extreme environments. We employ independent testing chambers for humidity, salt spray, temperature extremes / fluctuations, and windscreen wiper testing.

We specialize in manufacturing large, custom-shaped, durable windows that operate in the visible, near IR, and longwave IR. These windows are often required in armored vehicles to reduce weak points and minimize risk without compromising image quality.

In addition, our IR Lenses for surveillance cameras are extremely versatile, providing high image quality and durability for a wide range of tactical applications.

Regarding security, another suite of products we offer are our IR sapphire domes and windows. These offer an electromagnetic conductive coating for blocking unwanted frequencies while maintaining optical compliance. This is an excellent solution for countermeasure systems and IR seekers. 

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Our high-performance shutters are custom designed for integration in night vision thermography cameras, IR imaging devices, and portable handheld thermal units for mission-critical applications.

When the stakes are high, you need a lightweight shutter designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions that’s guaranteed to operate reliably for up to a million cycles. We can customize any of our rotary drive shutters, stepper shutters, or solenoid shutters to meet your critical application needs

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Focused on the Future

At IDEX Optical Technologies, we are continually developing and investing in new optical technologies, process control methods, and manufacturing, to offer world class custom optics for your mission critical application. We are backed by IDEX Corporation’s 50 plus years of optical experience and expertise.  We believe in reinvesting in our people, our capabilities, and our community so we can help solve our customer’s the most challenging problems.