Supporting our Local Communities Around the World

We embody a continued commitment to focus on what matters in our businesses and in our local communities.  The global IDEX Optical Technologies team gives back to local organizations year round through donations, fundraisers, and volunteering.

Below are some recent contributions:  

Giving Back in 2022:

Leicester, United Kingdom, CVI Infrared Optics:

  • We volunteered our time to clean up and prepare play areas for Little Hill Primary School located in Wigston, United Kingdom. We also partnered with IDEX Foundation and donated $10k for new play ground equipment. 

  • In partnership with IDEX Foundation we donated $15k year to date to the Leicester South Foodbank, along with employee donations of non-perishable food products. 

  • We raised £4.6k in Rise-2 Fundraiser for Blaby & Whetstone Youth Club, targeting social isolation for people aged 13 to 17 years old.

  • Donated £3.9k raised in Saturday Safe Space Fundraiser for a Youth Café aimed at reducing the amount of anti-social behavior in our local town center every weekend.

Didam, The Netherlands, IDEX Optical Technologies B.V.:

  • We volunteer our time and continued support for the Bio Vakantie Park in Arnhem providing structural improvements. This is a holiday park built for disabled children. We also partnered with IDEX Foundation to donate $5k. 

Boulder, Colorado, Advanced Thin Films:


Albuquerque, New Mexico, CVI Laser Optics:

  • We partnered with the  IDEX Foundation and donated $50k to Cuidando Los Ninos to  help fund renovations for a classroom in CLN’s new facility. And, we continue to volunteer time to help local children see the fun in science through monthly STEM classes.

  • February 22 - Pillow drive for Cuidando Los Ninos: Employees donated 260 pillows and the company matched. We donated 520 pillows in total.  


Giving Back in 2021:

Didam, Netherlands, IDEX Optical Technologies:

  • We donated €4500 to Voedselbank Montferland, a local food bank that helps individuals and families during difficult times. The food bank helps 40,000 families with food aid every week.

Boulder, Colorado, Advanced Thin Films:

  • We partnered with the IDEX Foundation and donated $5,000 to the Boulder County Crisis Fund. The donation supports victims, their families, and the community in dealing with and processing the results of local tragic events.

  • We donated and volunteered our time to fill 240 backpacks with school supplies for A Precious Child. The backpacks along with the generous donation of $5,000 from the IDEX Foundation will equip numerous students at a disadvantage to start the 2021/2022 school year with the same footing as their peers!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, CVI Laser Optics:

  • We engage with Cuidando Los Ninos, a non-profit organization that helps children and families impacted by homelessness.  Through various events like pillow drives and summer-focused toy events, we work to help this mission-oriented organization make a lasting impact in the Albuquerque community.  

  • In addition to raising $12,500 through the IDEX Foundation, the CVI team volunteers its time to help local children see the fun in science through monthly STEM classes.