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Advanced Thin Films develops Breakthrough Optical Coating Technology for High Energy Laser Applications 

FlatironTM Coating Technology

If your application uses a High Energy Laser (10KW to 10 MW), Flatiron is the only coating to consider. Here at Advanced Thin Films, a part of IDEX Optical Technologies, we have developed a unique coating technology called Flatiron. We are industry leading in this new capability. This technology and process coats optics with high laser damage thresholds, low stress so that parts are not deformed by the coating, and last longer in harsh environmental conditions. Our unique technology maintains substrate shape after coating, resulting in enhanced beam shaping.  The high laser damage thresholds allow for lasers to be built with higher powers in smaller optical components.  We have optimized this NEW advanced technology to be cost-effective yet deliver higher performance for HEL applications. 

We can apply Flatiron coatings to any optical substrate including mirrors, lenses, endcaps, prisms, disks, light-weighted structures, freeform optics, and other industrial laser optics.  It can be used for spectrally complex coatings such as filters and dichroics. The fabrication materials include but are not limited to: fused silica, silica, and crystals.

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