Development Partnerships

IDEX Optical Technologies is more much than a component manufacturer.  As a platform of solutions, we work together to deliver engineered products that support complex optical systems.  With our global footprint of manufacturing and development locations, our combined capabilities assist you through an integrated and collaborative approach
to technology development.






Design Expertise

  • Optical design and tolerancing for volume manufacturing

  • Thermal and optomechanical modeling

  • Deep-UV, UV, Visible, Near-IR, and IR coating designs

  • Assembly, and alignment tolerancing through advanced metrology

  • Complete optical subsystems development

Coating Technologies

Broad capabilities ranging from low energy e-beam evaporation to dense and amorphous ion beam sputtered coatings.

  • Ultraviolet through Infrared (190nm to 10µm)

  • High laser damage threshold (LDT) and long-life optical coatings

  • E-Beam Evaporation, Thermal Evaporation, Plasma Assisted Deposition, Ion Beam Sputtering, Magnetron

Coating Materials Include

     Metal Oxides:   HfO2     TiO2      Nb2O5   Y2O3     MgO     SiO2     Al2O3    Ta2O5

     Fluorides:         MgF2    AlF3      YbF3

     Others:             Si         Ge        ZnS      ZnSe

Fabrication Technologies

  • Standard polishing, S/D of 10/5 & flatness of λ/10

  • Super polishing specifications near S/D of 0/0, flatness of λ/50, and rms roughness of <0.5Ǻ

  • Spherical and planar optics