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AMC Cleanroom

AMC Clean Room

Our AMC clean room is crucial to engineering and manufacturing high performance optical assemblies for our customers. It provides superb air-borne molecular contamination control. 

Standard clean rooms are designed for particle control, an AMC clean room controls both particles and VOC (volatile organic compounds).  

This is especially important to our Semiconductor Inspection and Metrology customers. It is critical for DUV optics and assembly manufacturing which requires very low surface contamination and long lifetime (> 10 years).

DUV semiconductor metrology tools have complicated optical systems which requires long lifetime and minimized optical performance degradation over the lifetime.  Any surface contamination can cause system failure during operation.  Surface contamination control is the main factor for this reason. With AMC clean room environment,  the surface contamination can be minimized during the manufacturing processes to improve the performance.

Key Features:

·         Low air-borne molecular contamination level and low particle counts

·         Total VOC (volatile organic compounds):  < 4 ng/L

·         Total Siloxane contamination:  < 0.1ng/L

·         Cleanroom particle count:  Class 100

With our AMC clean room, we can reduce surface contamination, coating absorption, and increase the longer lifetime of all our optical components and assemblies with better consistency.