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About Us

IDEX Optical Technologies is not one company, but a platform of best-in-class businesses that win together by providing smarter solutions to our customers faster than our competition. With our combined team of engineers, coating and fabrication technicians, supply chain managers, and technical sales specialists, we bring a vast knowledge base with over 50 years optical design and manufacturing expertise. We can put a dedicated team together to support your critical application from concept through manufacturing and assembly to metrology.

Our Business Units:

  • Advanced Thin Films: As the recognized leader in providing spectrally complex optical components for high power laser systems, our mission is to create high-performance custom optics for your most demanding applications.
  • CVI Infrared Optics: We are the leading manufacturer of large visible and infrared optics that can continuously perform in extreme weather climates and harsh conditions.
  • CVI Laser Optics: We are the leading experts in design, fabrication, and manufacture of optical components, optomechanical assemblies, and mechanical shutters for ultraviolet, visible, and infrared system applications.

Our Brand Promise is a Commitment to Our Customers:

We fuel the discovery of possibilities by generating unparalleled technology that helps inspire breakthrough thinking, drives innovation that touches our communities, and improves lives. As trailblazers of optics, we’re focused on the future of controlled light to identify, execute, and deliver a full spectrum of targeted end-to-end solutions. We connect deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to drive smarter decisions and unlock your business’ defining moments.