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About Us - Iridian Spectral Technologies

About Us - Advanced Thin Films

Welcome to Iridian Spectral Technologies

Iridian Spectral Technologies is now a part of the IDEX Optical Technologies Platform. Our unique capabilities in manufacturing wavelength selective optical filters are backed by the combined expertise of our platform of four companies (Advanced Thin Film, CVI Laser Optics, CVI Infrared Optics, and Iridian Spectral Technologies.) Working together, we can provide a full spectrum of optical engineering, manufacturing, and assembly services to our customers. With a wealth of engineering expertise, extensive manufacturing resources, and broader capabilities, we can support our customers better than ever before.

Who We Are

Iridian Spectral Technologies has been a global leader in custom optical filter solutions since it was established in 1998. We take pride in supporting our customers’ optical products across a wide range of geographic and market areas. At Iridian, we believe that our customers' success is our success.

Our team at Iridian uses decades of experience in filter design and manufacturing to provide support throughout a product's life cycle, from initial prototyping to high-volume manufacturing. Our automated production facility ensures that cost-effective optical solutions are found for any application.

Iridian's highly advanced proprietary thin-film design deposition and manufacturing technology delivers durable high-performance optical filters. These filters are used in communications (telecom, datacom, satcom), Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy, remote sensing applications such as IR gas sensors, LiDAR, Earth observation, astronomy, and even 3D cinema and theme parks.

How We Provide Solutions

At Iridian, we establish strong partnerships with our customers' R&D, engineering, purchasing, and production teams offering our services from the initial proof-of-concept stage all the way to high-volume production. Our focus is to deliver value by creating customized product process flows that utilize our large “tool-box” of manufacturing platforms and processes. This ensures that we provide maximum technical performance while optimizing commercial value. We take pride in guaranteeing top-notch performance on all our products by exceeding minimum specification values. Additionally, all our products are manufactured according to the guidelines set out in our ISO9001:2015 certification, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Visit Iridian Spectral Technologies' website to learn more: IRIDIAN.CA

Fast Facts

Capabilities for custom optical filter solutions include:

  • Multi-band filters providing multiple bandpass or notch functionality in a single filter
  • Sputtered UV-LWIR (300nm-10um) optical filters (beam splitters, edge, notch, and bandpass filters)
  • Evaporated LWIR (10-15um) optical filters (edge, bandpass, and notch filters)
  • Multizone filters (MZF) offering spatially varying spectral performance
    • Patterned by photolithography 
    • Assembled from separate optical filter components (butcher-block) 
  • Coating and processing of Si, Ge, and sapphire substrates
  • Large area, highly uniform filters: up to 150 mm
  • Gain flattening filters (GFF)
  • Solid etalon filters (SEF)
  • Linear transmission filters (LTF)

Markets we focus on: 

  • Telecommunications
  • Datacom 
  • Spectroscopy 
  • Satcom
  • Remote Sensing and Detection

Located in Ottawa, Canada